A Strong and Healthy Retirement

I’m so excited to have earned my certification as a Senior Fitness Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Some of my favorite clients are retired. These women have a deep understanding of how important it is to maintain their health and increase their strength to stay healthy and active. They are hard-working, determined and dedicated to their training and a true joy to work with. Seeing them attain their personal goals like trekking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and taking a first scuba diving lesson at 72 years old has been incredibly rewarding. Witnessing their strength improvements and reduction in back and joint pain is a thrill.

Retirement is a new beginning and a chance for people who have spent years working to travel to places they’ve never seen and take up new sports and activities.

To counteract the human body’s natural tendency to lose muscle mass and bone density it’s especially import for those over 65 to engage in resistance exercise. The countless benefits of resistance training with weights include helping to prevent falls and injuries as well as positively impacting many health issues that affect the older population including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis.

I offer one on one in-home training plus training for small groups of 2-3 people, your program will be highly customized, I’ll help you identify your goals and we will track your progress towards them.

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