Why I have my own personal trainer.

I often find new clients and friends are surprised when they find out that I have my own personal trainer. It may seem strange at first that someone who is already well educated in health and fitness would feel the need to have a trainer.

There are a number of reasons I value having my own trainer. The obvious is that it helps to have another person watch and correct my form while I train and to spot me when I lift heavy weights.

Perhaps the less obvious is that it helps me, just like it helps my clients, to have my training scheduled for the same times every week and to be accountable to someone other than just myself. I have someone to bounce ideas off and to ask questions and someone to encourage me on my journey of self-improvement. My health is a huge priority in my life, and to me the investment I make by having a personal trainer makes a lot of sense. Consistency is one of the single most important factors in staying healthy and in fitness and by committing to my scheduled training sessions I am able to see wonderful results in myself and to relate to my clients on a deeper level.

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