"I don't want to get bigger"

Increasing your lean body mass, or your muscle mass, will not necessarily make you larger or look like you have “bulked up”. What you are ultimately aiming for is to decrease your body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass. The term “toned” is thrown around a lot, to be toned is a bit of a vague concept, but if what you require is less wobbly bits, altering your body composition as described above is what you need to do. Online you can find before and after photos of people at the exact same weight but with improved body composition and it’s surprising just how different they can look.

Increased muscle mass will make you look better, but it has plenty of other benefits. These include increased strength, yes you do want increased strength, one of the reasons you want this is so that you can do everyday activities without injuring yourself. One of the rewards I’ve found from working on my strength is the ability to carry water from my car into my house without hurting myself.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. This is huge! If you are stronger, you’re burning more calories when you sleep then you were when you were weaker. That means all the time you are sleeping or sitting at your desk, you continue to benefit from increasing your strength.

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