Helping women to overcome the fear of building muscle.

When we first start training together, many of my female clients are nervous about the prospect of increasing their strength and muscles mass. I can explain to them how important it is to be strong and tell them about the areas of their bodies which are lacking strength but they remain wary of getting “bigger” instead of “smaller”. This in itself is a whole other topic, why women want to be smaller and men want to be bigger…

What many women don’t realize is that we just don’t have the right hormones to build big body-builder muscles. The women you see on the internet with rippling muscles didn’t get there by accident. It is incredibly difficult for a woman to look like that and often requires chemical intervention.

As far as increasing muscle mass for women in the general population goes, it isn’t going to happen accidentally and you aren’t going to wake up one day having inadvertently made yourself “huge”. Increased muscle size (hypertrophy) is attainable for women if you are dedicated to your training and your diet. It also isn’t going to happen overnight, you need to work at it and it happens gradually not suddenly. If you are successfully altering your body composition, more muscle and less fat, you won’t be getting bigger, you will be changing the shape of your body, for the better.

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