Knocking Cardio off it's Pedestal!

I often find myself talking to my clients about Cardio. Cardiovascular training is undoubtedly incredibly beneficial, it’s many benefits include improved stamina, an increased energy level and participants report improved mood. It also helps to keep your heart healthy, and we all know how important that is.

Cardio training includes; running, eliptical training, cycling etc.

Many people who are trying to lose weight will focus on cardio because of how quickly they can burn calories. The defecit in the amount of energy they consume vs. the amount of energy burned will cause them to lose weight. But this is where it starts to get complicated…

When you run for more than about 45 minutes you begin to lose muscle mass as well as fat. You need your muscles, because they are what burn calories! If you have more muscle mass, you will actually burn more calories while you are sitting and sleeping. Just having that muscle increases your metabolism. Crash dieting will also cause you to lose muscle mass. This is part of the reason that when you lose weight quickly you often put it right back on.

Losing weight through excessive cardio and dieting, whilst effective when looking at the scales, leaves you with less muscle and a lower metabolism. This means it will be harder to keep that weight off, your strength may be diminished exposing you to injury and you will be lacking those lovely curves that increased muscle mass gives you.

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