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Chloe Donovan

I am a Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Whether you are just looking to stay fit, lose weight and tighten up, are a new mom trying to get back to 'you', have certain physical limitations or are advanced in age, my training and experience allow me to help you.  

I believe in finding ways to keep your workouts interesting, fun and effective and in finding out what works for you as an individual. If a workout is fun, rewarding and gets you results, you will want to do more!

Pro of being my friend_ Occasional free workouts. _Con of being my friend_ Occasional free workouts_
Pro of being my friend_ Occasional free workouts. _Con of being my friend_ Occasional free workouts_
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Client Testimonials

Marti Hall, Los Angeles, October 2015

"I decided I needed some training before attempting the last 100 kms of the Camino de Santiago which I started 3 days ago. I have said to my Camino amigas and myself MANY times "I am so glad I trained with Chloe for four months before starting this journey." The trek has been challenging but due to the newly gained strength in my legs and glutes it has been surprisingly manageable. THANK YOU MISS CHLOE!!!!"

Sylvia Wilson, Los Angeles, November 2016 Since I started working out with Chloé, I've lost more than 15 pounds. I see major changes in my body and I am truly grateful to Chloe for her guidance and support as a fellow mom. She puts so much work into helping me become a better version of myself.

Limor Zamir, Los Angeles, February 2015

"She is great! Personable, a good listener, knows her work very well and she helped me with rehab training for a pinched nerve. Call her for a free consultation and you will not regret."

Fiona Godschalk van Rijn LA, November 2016

"She is so great! Will kick your butt in the sweetest way possible!"

Anon, Los Angeles, April 2015

"Chloé is empathetic, knowledgeable, not at all pushy or annoying yet firm (rather important in any type of coaching in my honest opinion), uplifting, and just all around a great human to spend time with (another important factor - I have to like any coach as a person to want to do the good work myself) - in short a real gem. And yes she can come to you."

Alison Wilkin, London, April 2016

"Chloe is a good friend of mine after working together in London years ago and after a work visit to LA and indulging a bit too much I asked Chloe for a training session to get me moving again!

I really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone in the LA area to give her a call. She made the session fun and rewarding! Wish could continue but back in London!"

Jenni Eve, Los Angeles, November 2015

"Chloe is an absolutely wonderful, personable and excellent versatile trainer. She trains both my roommate and I together twice a week; two different personalities, two different body types. We always giggle, have fun and get down to business. She has been really patient with us and our ever changing schedules. We really adore her! I wouldn't want to train with anyone else."

Anon, Los Angeles, March 2015

"I have been working out with Chloé Back who is not only a Certified Personal Trainer she is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have scoliosis and Chloé has changed my life with her cautious yet vigorous program. And unlike many physical therapists and trainers, Chloé is very clear with instructions. Call her! She's talented, smart and sweet as can be!"

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